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Gateway Tunnel Delayed Once Again — And Cost Rises

Updated: Jun 26

September 1, 2022 |

The long-delayed Gateway tunnel project under the Hudson River is once again facing delays and a higher price tag. It now looks like construction to replace the century-old rail tunnel won’t be complete until 2035 — three years later than expected, according to the Gateway Tunnel Commission, which is managing the project. The old tunnel, which is managed by Amtrak but more heavily used by New Jersey Transit, won’t be fully rehabbed until 2038, also three years later than expected.

NJ SEED: Since Gov. Christie tried to kill the Gateway Tunnel project 12 years ago, it refused to die. Just when it looked like it would become a reality another delay is announced. The tunnel is needed and is likely to happen, but each delay increases the cost to taxpayers.

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