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Funding Boost for Electric School Buses, EV Infrastructure

Clean-energy advocates applaud $44 million ‘shot in the arm’

January 12, 2024 |

Credit: Image by Manoj Rauta from Pixabay

A range of state and federal initiatives totaling approximately $44 million has been allocated to the effort, with the bulk to be used to purchase electric school buses. The remainder is set to help install charging stations for light-duty vehicles to be used by people living in multi-dwelling units.

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NJ SEED: Accepting the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change as scientifically sound, fossil-fueled vehicles are the largest single source of emissions contributing to climate change. The public’s resistance to EVs suggests that federal and state governments will need to continue to subsidize them and mandate the phase-out of internal combustion vehicles. The current push to force EVs is running ahead of the infrastructure to support their use. In addition the aggressive pursuit of fossil-free energy tends to overlook the environmental damage resulting from battery and electronic vehicle manufacturing. More emphasis is needed to provide adequate infrastructure.

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