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‘Forever chemicals’ tainting schools, private wells in New Jersey’s Mercer County

March 19, 2022 |

New Jersey officials have found “forever chemicals” at above state health limits in water systems serving two schools and in more than 40 private wells in Mercer County.

The DEP is currently sampling residential and commercial private wells for PNFA, PFOA and PFOS, the three kinds of PFAS chemicals for which New Jersey has set strict health limits in drinking water over the last few years.

The DEP said Monday it is also investigating whether private wells are contaminated with PFAS in other parts of the state but did not immediately identify them.

NJ SEED: The Mercer county findings suggest similar results will be discovered elsewhere in the state. NJ is leading the nation in efforts to rid drinking water of the serious contaminants known as “Forever Chemicals.

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