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Find Out What NJ Residents and Businesses Will Pay for Clean Energy, But Not Just Yet

Updated: Jun 26

March 29, 2022 |

Gov. Phil Murphy has been aggressive in touting the environmental value of his clean-energy policies, but the cost of those policies to New Jersey residents and businesses has been hard to pin down.

Now, the state appears to be ready to release by fall a comprehensive analysis of what residential customers and businesses will pay in higher utility bills to transition New Jersey to a clean-energy economy.

The study, more than two years delayed in being made public, has been eagerly anticipated by business groups and consumers who fear the shift to 100% clean energy could spike energy costs.

NJ SEED: Along with other organizations, NJ SEED has called for the release of estimates of how much it will cost ratepayers to foot the bill to implement the Murphy Administration’s Clean Energy Master Plan. A cost analysis is now promised, but not for another 6 to 8 months while steps to execute the Plan continue.

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