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EVs Tear Up N.J. Roads. They Should Pay Their Fair Share to Fix Them | Opinion

By Dr. Matthew Hale, Associate Professor of Political Science at Seton Hall University

March 2, 2024 |

Credit: Image by succo from Pixabay

It turns out that electric cars often weigh more than gas powered cars. Huh? How is a car without an engine heavier than a car with an engine? But it is true: The Tesla Model X weighs more than the Ford F-150 (6,250 pounds to 6,170 pounds). The Tesla Model 3 weighs 4,541 pounds, which is a lot more than my CR-V, which comes in at 3,649 pounds. 

While the difference in gross vehicle weight might be small, it is important. Heavier vehicles are tougher on roads and bridges. And the owners of those heavier electric cars don’t pay their fair share of the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), the giant pot of money that finances the construction and repair of our roads and bridges and public transit system.

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NJ SEED: Dr. Hale offers some interesting thoughts on the impact EVs will have on the TTF. There will likely be many suggestions for how EV owners who avoid the gas tax can contribute to the fund.

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