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Economy is Top of Mind for New Jersey Voters, Followed by Reproductive Rights; Most Say United State

Updated: Jun 26

October 14, 2022 |

A plurality of New Jersey voters say the economy is most important to their vote choice this November, but other issues like reproductive rights and abortion are high on voters’ lists this election cycle as well, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll.

When asked what the most important issue is in their decision of who to vote for in Congress this November, 16 percent of registered voters in the state mention something about the economy. Reproductive and women’s issues come in a distant second at 9 percent, followed closely by taxes (8 percent) and partisan and ideological values or opposition (8 percent), and then inflation (5 percent).

NJ SEED: This Rutgers-Eagleton poll appears to have canvased “registered voters”. Polls take of “likely voters” tend to predict election results more accurately. The Rutgers-Eagleton survey does track national polls that confirm economy is the number one concern. In a state like NJ it is not surprising that abortion ranks high on the list. The survey results are nevertheless informative for this very important mid-term election.

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