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Customers Cheer First Sales of Legal Weed

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

April 22, 2022 |

The state announced last week that Thursday, April 21 would be the first day New Jersey would allow sales of adult-use cannabis, which is how the state refers to recreational pot, to people 21 and over. Only 13 stores were chosen to be the first to sell the legalized drug — they were already selling medical marijuana — so the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission warned residents to expect long lines for the first few days.

NJ SEED: Taking no position to favor or oppose legalizing recreational use of marijuana, NJ SEED has monitored the issue to keep members informed. Of some concern is the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s finding that fatal crashes involving cannabis increased up to 153% in states that legalized marijuana. If NJ follows the experience of other states, in addition to higher death tolls, auto insurance rates are likely to increase as well as the state’s assessment for Medicaid.

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