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Candidates Competing in NJ's Congressional Races Campaign as Election Day Approaches

Updated: Jun 26

October 29, 2022 |

From rallies with supporters to one-on-one door knocking, the candidates for Congress in New Jersey were in an all-out sprint Saturday ahead of Election Day.

With just 10 days until Election Day, none of the candidates took anything for granted

NJ SEED: With no statewide office up this year the focus is on NJ’s 12 races for seats in the House of Representatives. The current 10 – 2 (plus 2 Senators) Democratic dominance of the state’s congressional delegation is not likely to see much change as a result of the November 8 General Election. Most attention is focused on CD 7 where incumbent Tom Malinowski is campaigning hard to win a third term in a district now drawn to be more favorable to Republicans.

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