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BPU Stakeholder Meeting a Farce Seeking Compliance Not Input

Updated: Jun 27

March 2022

After over two years of providing no answers when it comes to costs, while moving at breakneck speed to implement their plans, the BPU says they are now ready to solicit very limited input:

“…..the BPU is looking for compliance, not input because they (sic) are already moving forward with their (sic) plans while they (sic) continue to delay providing the public with the very simple answer of what will this all cost?”

NJ SEED: Along with many of its members, NJ SEED has called on PBU to share what the cost impact of the Master Plan will mean to the rate-paying public. It has been more than two years since the Plan was launched and the BPU continues to resist informing the public about anticipated cost impacts.


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