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Best States to do Business? CNBC Ranks New Jersey at No. 26

Updated: Jun 26

July 13, 2022 |

New Jersey prides itself on having the best pizza, the best schools – and being the best place to live. But if the state is going to celebrate its successes in national rankings, it needs to own up to its shortcomings, too.

New Jersey is not the best state for business.

CNBC’s annual study of the best states to do business ranked New Jersey No. 26 – or just out of the top half. The rankings were released Tuesday morning.

Even worse, New Jersey was ranked behind New York (22), Pennsylvania (23) and Connecticut (24) – though it edged out Delaware (27).

NJ SEED: For many decades NJ has had the reputation of being a hostile environment in which to do business. Geography is the Garden State’s friend. Located between two of the nation’s largest metropolitan markets, NJ remains a desirable place in which to do business.

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