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An Advisory from New Jersey American Water About Lead Service Line Replacement Program

Updated: Jun 20

2023 |

Photo Credit:dknudsen (on FreeImages)

In July 2021, the state of New Jersey enacted legislation that requires all water service providers to share with customers the material of the utility-owned and customer- owned service lines that connect to their property, notify customers with service lines that are lead or galvanized steel, and replace them by 2031.

This effort is complicated by the fact that property owners — not New Jersey American Water — own a portion of these water service lines, much like a homeowner owns the driveway that connects to the public street. Details about the material of an individual property’s service line have been largely unknown and spread across a variety of sources.

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NJ SEED: Because a 2021 statute covers all water users, the information from American Water may be helpful to customers of all water utilities.

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