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America’s Offshore Wind Farms Face Headwinds

Updated: Jun 26

November 1, 2022 |

Plans for massive offshore wind farms that President Joe Biden hopes will power as many as 10 million American homes by 2030 are starting to wobble.

On Monday, New Jersey utility Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. said it’s deciding whether to pull out of Ocean Wind 1, a proposed project in the Atlantic Ocean that would generate 1.1 gigawatts — enough for 500,000 homes. Less than two weeks earlier, New England utility Avangrid Inc. said its similarly sized Commonwealth Wind project was no longer viable because of higher costs and supply chain woes.

NJ SEED: Since the release of Gov. Murphy’s Energy Master Plan, NJ SEED has called for a balanced approach that uses ALL energy resources available.

Climate-change activists promote solar and wind energy, but for these two sources to meet even the nation’s pre pandemic needs demand for electricity alone - not including gasoline or jet fuel – would require a territory (land and sea) twice the size of California with wind turbines. Sometimes grand plans sound better than they turn out to be in reality. NJ SEED continues to call for a balanced approach that utilizes all available energy resources wisely.

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