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A Reform to Support Resilient Environments and Landscapes (REAL)

May 10, 2024 |

Credit: Image by Enrique from Pixabay

NJDEP is modernizing land resource protection rules to better support New Jersey communities, residents, and businesses in building their resilience to sea-level rise, extreme weather, chronic flooding, and other impacts of our changing climate. 

Read a courtesy overview of the proposed rule. The formal Resilient Environments and Landscapes (REAL) rule proposal is anticipated to be published in the New Jersey Register this summer.

Read More: Click Here 

NJ SEED: Knowing that “The Devil is in the Details”, stakeholders anxiously await the complete rule proposal. It is wise to anticipate and plan for further costal degradation due to climate change (it has been occurring since Earth’s formation) and east coast subsidence, which leads to higher sea levels and increased risk of flooding (rising and sinking of land masses has also been occurring since Earth was formed). Because humans have little ability to control the forces of nature, it makes sense to plan to mitigate the impact but beware of overzealous regulators.

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