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A Law to Govern All Laws?

Updated: Jun 20

March 24, 2023 |

Every year in the New Jersey Statehouse, thousands of bills are introduced; hundreds pass the legislature; and most of those become law. Then what?

Well, in theory, each law signed by the governor takes effect, and whatever changes it makes to the existing status quo are implemented. But given the sheer number of laws passed, it’s easy to imagine some of them falling through the cracks.

NJ SEED: Legislative oversight is an appropriate role for legislatures both at the state and federal levels of government. There is a long-standing need for such a system in NJ. However, the sponsor’s intent is diminished by creating an Oversight Committee in an executive department and establishing a hefty budget to support it. Would it not be more appropriate for the legislature to assume its responsibility to exercise oversight as a part of that body’s obligations? Consideration might be given to either expanding the charge to the Joint Budget Oversight Committee or constitute a separate Joint Committee on Executive Branch Oversight. Putting oversight responsibility within the purview of an administrative department might be likened to putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

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