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80% of New Jerseyans Think Politicians Are Corrupt, FDU Poll Says

Updated: Jun 20

“This is Jersey, and people expect some degree of corruption”

May 12, 2023 |

Photo Credit: OpenClipart-Vectors (From Pixabay)

In a state with a long history of political corruption, just 6% of New Jerseyans think the state’s politicians are “not at all corrupt,” while a staggering 80% view them as corrupt, a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll shows.

More than one-third of New Jersey residents (34%) view New Jersey politicians as “somewhat corrupt,” while 27% say they are “very corrupt,” and 19% view them as “a little corrupt.”

NJ SEED: While NJ does not have a reputation for political purity, the perception of the level of corruption among its elected officials is likely influenced by media coverage of national politics and may not be as bad as the public thinks it is. The FDU poll indicates 80% of the people believe their elected leaders are corrupt but they keep electing them. In 2021 93% of incumbent legislators were reelected. That suggests New Jerseyans have great tolerance for corruption in government.

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