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20% of All VBMs Already Returned

October 13, 2023 |

Credit: NJ Globe

With 25 days until Election Day, nearly 3% of all registered voters in New Jersey have already returned vote-by-mail ballots for the 2023 mid-term elections.

According to an analysis by Associated Press election researcher Ryan Dubicki, 180,866 vote-by-mail ballots have been returned to county election officials, 20% of the 917,362 VBMs sent out. Almost two-thirds of the statewide returned ballots (66%) were cast by Democrats and 22% by Republicans.

Read More: Click Here NJ SEED: 66% Democrat vs 22% Republican returned VBM ballots translates to nearly 120,000 Democratic votes to just under 40,000 Republican votes – that’s a pretty good start for the Democrats. One observer expressed surprise that there were still 40,000 Republicans in New Jersey.

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