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10 Years After Hurricane Sandy: What’s Next for the Jersey Shore?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

June 27, 2022 |

Ten years after Hurricane Sandy, the bayfronts and riverfronts of many of New Jersey’s Shore communities remain vulnerable to the twin terrors of sea-level rise and increasingly intense storms. Addressing this risk is in some ways more complicated than protecting the ocean beaches, but it is no less an issue that affects homeowners, seasonal tourism and natural habitat.

NJ SEED: A well written and informative article about New Jersey’s treasured shore. Beach replacement programs, dune protection and preservation, construction restrictions are among the programs and projects that will continue to be required and enhanced as the east coasts continues to sink. It is a slow but inevitable process. Early in the last century there were corn fields between what is now the shore drive and the beach. It is a slow but inevitable process and each nor’easter will bring about increased flooding.

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